How can we help you to get around the City?

How to create my profile in Mimdich?

To create your profile you must be over 18 years and fill the registration form with these details: User name, valid email address, password, gender, birth date, country, city click Join Now!. Once complete click on Join Now!. If your data is all correct, you will have your profile on Mimdich. If any warning is displayed correct the data click again and welcome to your City Online.

How to define my Main Photo?

After you create your profile on Mimdich, you will have an option to upload your main photo. This step is important because Mimdich only accepts real photos of yourself as main photo. Any photo that does not match this requirement will be removed immediately. Remember that Mimdich is a social network only for real people. Picture is not mandatory but is needed to interact with Mimdich’s users. If you want change your photo for a better one, you can do it from the top menu in the option "Main Photo".

How to login into the Online City?

If you are already Mimdich’s user you can access to your account here. Entering your email and password. If you are not a member you can create your profile.

How to recover my password?

If you have forgotten your password, enter your email address to recover your password here and we will send a new password to your email. Be sure to enter the same email you used to create your profile. To access your account click on the activation link that appears in the email. Remember that your new password will be generated automatically. If you want change your new password, enter into "My Account" on the left menu option and click on "Edit profile".

How to edit my profile?

You can "Edit Profile" in the menu item called "My Account" located at the top right of the page next to your "user name". Once in "My Account" you can edit your profile on the left block which shows your user data.

How to change my mood?

To change your mood click on the top menu right next to your user name "My Account". In the main menu you can "Insert your mood" by clicking the option with the same name, you will get a text box in which you can enter: phrases that you like, your mood state, etc.. Once done click "Submit."

How to change my email?

If you need to change your email, access the top menu right next to your user name to "My Account" and select "Request a change of email" from the center. It will show the email that you currently have and the text boxes to enter the new email for which you want to change the old one. That done click " Submit". Our system verifies that the new email is correct and we will send a notification to make the change effective. If the new email is not valid there will be no change.

Why do I have to verify my email?

If you enter a wrong mail, our system will display a message with a field to include your email correctly. After that you will receive an email with instructions to verify your account. If you do not receive this email check you are entering a valid email address and go to your SPAM inbox mail.

How to add an alternative email address?

To add an alternative email, go into the item menu called "My Account" by the option from the top right next to your username. Click on "Alternative Email" and enter your email assigned to your Mimdich account. Repeats the email to check your spelling and click on "Submit".

How to switch the language in Mimdich?

Enter into section "My Account" from the top right menu next to your username. Click on "Choose your language". Choose one of the available languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English, French.

How to send a graffiti?

Graffitis are the messages that you can write in your apartment or into the apartment of others. The graffitis are left in the central block of the "Apartment" and it can be: Text, videos, links or videos from Youtube. If you want leave a text, type your message and click to "Send Graffiti". On the other hand, if you want to send a link or video from Youtube, copy the Url (the page address) paste the link and click to "Send graffiti"

How to define my privacy on Mimdich?

Mimdich give priority to your privacy for that is you who decides which profile information is visible for all users and what informations is visible just for your friends. Your "Apartment" is divided by blocks, on the top of the page you can find a small icon of a "key", click the icon to make the album visible to all users or friends only. These blocks are configurable: Your photos, graffiti, general, gifts and your favorite phrase.

How i accept friend requests?

When other users request your friendship, immediately, the top right menu displays a red notification with the number of pending requests. Click on the box and review your friend requests. Another way to accept request is through "My Account", which shows pending "Friends request", when you click on that option appears users who have requested your friendship and you have the option to accept or not.

How to remove users from my friend list?

To remove users from your friend list, you must go to "My Account" option into the menu accessed from the top right next to your username. Once in your account, click on "Friends" select the user you want to remove from your list of friends and click on "Delete".

How to block users?

If a user is bothering you or do not want them to contact you through Mimdich, you can block this user directly from his/her "apartment" in the "Block" button. This will automatically prevent any contact with this user.

How to unlock users?

To unlock a user have to access in "My Account" and click on "Users were locked you" there you will have the option to view who has blocked and who has blocked you. Select the option "Username" and your block users appears, check the mark that corresponds to the person you want to unblock and click "Unblock" then a message is showed to confirm that you want to unlock this user.

What are Mimdich credits and how to use them?

Mimdich credits are a virtual currency to spend in your Online City. You can use them to:

Send gifts to other users to call attention of the others.

Decorate your apartment.

Unlimited use of chat and video chat

Unlimited Sending of graffitis to other neighbours.

Spy your friends.

Be invisible to other users.

How to send a gift?

In Mimdich can surprise your friends with fun and original gifts to call the attention. In the "Apartment" of the other users find a button called "Send Gift". Once clicking on this option will display the list of gifts you can send. Choose the one you like and click on the icon, a message indicating the amount will be deducted from your credits will be displayed. Before you can give gifts you need to recharge your Mimdich credits.

How to recharge credits in Mimdich?

To recharge your credits you have to access to the section called "recharge" through the coin icon located in the right top menu. Depending of your country you will open different options to recharge your credits, you can choose different payment methods.For example: Paypal, Credit card, Mobile or SMS.

How can i be famous on Mimdich and get a start in the Mimdich's Walk on Fame?

The Mimdich Walk of Fame is a special place where only the most famous users can get their fame star. The "Walk of Fame" is a competition where the user with the most points is kept high in the ranking. This ranking is updated every 48 hours, if a user has many points and have a star on the Walk of Fame, but don't access in Mimdich during this time(48)h, this user lose his star until access the Online City again. If you are already a Mimdich user will know how to get your star on the Walk of Fame.

How to chat with my neighbours?

In Mimdich to chat with your neighbours you have to visit the apartment of the user you want to chat. In yours neighbours apartment can find the button called "Chat now", when you click on "Chat Now" instantly a chat window will open to start chatting. To use Video Chat need to have credits and click the option "Open VideoChat". When your credits are recharged the button will be activated.

How to see my old conversations?

Your old conversation are displayed in a chat bar near the top menu. When a neighbour sent you a message, you will get a notification in the area " My conversation". To close older conversation click on "X" on the lower right corner. This does not delete the conversation, just closes. If you want to minimize a conversation click on "--".To review your old conversations or delete them you have to go to the "Conversations" that we placed in the chat bar below the top menu. This area displays all conversations which can be reactivated, search, or delete.

How to play with Mimdich’s games?

In the area called "Games" you can find a selection of games classified in different categories.You can access to this area through the red joystick icon in the top of the main menu. To start playing choose the game that you want play and click the image to open the game window.Immediately the game will open and you can start playing. Enjoy!, play now.

How to meet new people?

Mimdich is not a social Network, is an Online City. Mimdich is a community to meet people from all part of the world. You can meet new people in the section called "People". There you will find a selection of the best profiles of real people from around the world.

How do i make a specific search on Mimdich?

In Mimdich you have the option to know people from your area and all around the world.In the area called "People" you can make specified search, can search by: hobby, country, preferences. You can find people through keywords, for example: Madrid, Mexico, Rio de Janeiro, flirt, chat, etc.

How do i create a photo album?

The first step to create a photo album is upload your main photo to your "Profile" When you upload your first photograph, the system automatically creates a photo album which you can upload as many photos as you want. To upload your new photos just click on "Photo Album" that was created in your "Apartment". From your album you can manage your photos, upload, edit or delete.

How I can see my gifts?

In Mimdich can surprise your friends or be surprised with fun and original gifts. Once you have received a gift it can be displayed on "Your Apartment" in the lower left in the "My Gifts". If you mouse over the gift appear user photo was sent to you so if you want to give a gift they will also be easier, if you see a question mark means that the user has no main photo and can not do a gift.

How can i vote my neighbour apartment?

By visiting your neighbours, you have the option to vote their apartments if you likes. The votes are on a scale from less to more differentiated by colour, the smaller red means you do not like anything, the orange means medium and the big green mean you like it. When you vote the apartment, your neighbour will receive a notification to know you valued their apartment. Vote your neighbours apartment and they will also value yours.

How can i add users to my friends list?

With Mimdich you have the option to know people in your area and from all over the world. To request friendship you need have main photo in your profile. When somebody visit your apartment, has the option to add you to his "Friends list" on the top left in the apartment of other users. If you send a friend request a notification will be shown a warning that you request your friendship. Your neighbour should accept your request. All the neighbours you have added to your friends list will be displayed in the lower right inside your apartment. Your friend list is displayed in the bottom right in your "Apartment".

How can i ring the bell of my neighbours?

If you visit one of your neighbours but in that moment is not in his apartment, you can "Ring the bell" that will alert him when he is back. He will know that you’ve been there and will be contacting you shortly. Remember that you can only "Ring the bell" to neighbours who are on your friends list.

How can i contact with Mimdich’s Team?

You can contact with Mimdich to send us your questions or suggestions. Filled and sending an email that you will find here.

How to Logout?

When you have finished using Mimdich in a pc that you don't usually use, or if there are other people using your computer and do not want they have access to your information can Logout to provide extra security. To Logout have to select "Logout" from the top right menu, find this option by clicking on your user name.

How to cancel/deactivate my account?

To cancel your account, login with your email and password and modify your data in "Edit Profile".Once in "Edit Profile" choose "Deactivate account" and complete the form including full name and surname as well as the mail that was used to create the account.