Investing in Mimdich

Online City

Ceclatech limited

It is a company with headquarters in Madrid, Spain . A company that works with the best suppliers in Europe in terms of new technologies, because of this we get a user experience tailored to individual needs. Investing in an online community as Mimdich, is a highly desirable option for investors seeking maximum returns with minimal risks, thanks to a rapidly growing sector and very active markets. If you want more information about investing in Mimdich, please, Contact us

Countries in which we operate

Mimdich has users from over 150 countries worldwide. Among the most prominent, charge a crucial role: Spain, Portugal and especially major LATAM markets, namely Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela and Colombia where users have tripled in the last year. For now Mimdich is available in four languages: english, spanish, portuguese and french. Having access to a market of over 500 million potential users worldwide.

The team

Mimdich team is the core value to make this project a different side, creative, innovative and on the other, profitable and with a promising future. Mimdich has a group of people trained, highly involved and with long experience in the online business, especially in the area of Social Network.


The number of visits in the last year has increased by + 270%.

The conversion rate from click to register is 60%.

The number of users has increased more than 300% in the last year.

The average length of visit and number of pages per visit has increased by 20% last year.