Community Guidelines and Privacy Policy

1. Terms of service

The following text created by Ceclatech limited., regulates the use of between mimdich and the user. The following terms must be agreed in order to use our site.


All texts, graphics, interfaces, commercial brands, logos, sounds and pictures contained in this site belong to, are controlled or licensed by Mimdich, and therefore, they are protected by the authors copyrights, by patents and laws protection, and by other laws concerning the property of intellectual rights. No copy either totally or partially of any element displayed on any equipment, server, website or by any other means for being distributed, or for any other commercial purpose without a written authorisation from Mimdich is allowed.


The user is not to publish, distribute, or reproduce by any means any of the material protected by the copyright, or any of the registered brands or any other information without a previous written consent from the owner of such rights. However, if you think that your materials have been copied and published in our services in such a way that it might constitute a violation of the copyrights; please notify the information immediately to customer service.

Terms of use

Mimdich has no control or responsibility over the authenticity of the materials published by users in this site. Mimdich is neither responsible for any lost, theft or misuse of information which may occur while signed in this site.
I. You must be 18 or over to use the Mimdich site.
II. See the page What is Mimdich?.
III. You must be fully aware of this agreement and of any of the parts there included.
IV. You will be entirely responsible for the safety, confidentiality, and authorisation of any material or/and information displayed in this site, and of the legal issues to which such material is subject to.
V. Contact information must be displayed only in the designated areas.
VI. Defame, abuse, harass, stalk, pornography, threaten or otherwise violate the rights of others is totally forbidden.
VII. Any form of misleading information, harassment or cause of disturbance to other users will not be accepted. It is not allowed to make any promotional use of the site in order to sell good or services, or distribute any promotional material without the agreement of the company.
VIII. You must read carefully the details of our Privacy policy.
IX. You are to use this site following the laws and regulations in force in your country.
X. This site may contain information which may not be of you total satisfaction.
Will be able to find information detailed on the use of Mimdich and his tools in this same document or accessing to the Blog of Mimdich.
Mimdich reserves the right, at our sole discretion to:
I. Change, modify, add, or delete portions of these Terms of Service at any time without further notice. It is you sole responsibility to verify the Terms of Use periodically in order to see whether these have changed. Continued use of the service following our posting of a change notice or new agreement on our site will constitute your binding acceptance of the change.
II. Report any illegal activity or published material to the legal bodies in charge on its enforcement.
III. Access to all published materials, in order to moderate them in case it is required to do so.
III. Edit or delete any material that has been published in this site, if this breaks the terms of service or it is likely to cause any damage to a third party.
IV. Use any material added in public access areas by users, particularly for marketing and promotional purposes in our partner web pages.

General services

Mimdich does not offer or guarantee any information on the website, either explicitly or implicitly. Your use of Mimdich and its contents depends only on you. Mimdich not responsible for any loss of information due to the transmission, use of wrong data or content posted by users. It is your responsibility to take precautions to ensure that the material obtained from Mimdich is free of viruses or other harmful components. Accept the fact that the service may be interrupted or Mimdich contain errors, that defects can not be corrected or that Mimdich, or server, is not free from viruses, bugs, spyware (spyware), Trojans or similar malware . Mimdich not responsible for any damage to hardware or software of your computer / device or other technology, including, without limitation, damage caused by security breaches or viruses, bugs, tampering, fraud, omission, interruption, defect, delay in operation or transmission, line failure, network or any technical failure. Mimdich has taken steps to ensure the dissemination, availability and accuracy of the information contained in the website and provides that information, subject to the availability of the service.

services gratuits

Mimdich peut cesser d'offrir l'un des services gratuits à tout moment et sans préavis à l'utilisateur. Mimdich pas responsable des dommages qui pourraient avoir causé à des utilisateurs ou des tiers pour la cessation de l'un de ses services gratuits.

Premium Services

Mimdich has several paid services these are virtual gifts that can be purchased for yourself or your friends as well as decorations for your profile and premium services. Use these payment services, accepts the conditions of each payment method that will be displayed in the "Add Credits" section. Privileges are automatically activated when you add credits to your account and have a cost of 50 credits a day that will be deducted from your balance until exhausted. While you have a positive credit balance, you'll enjoy the privileges.

2. Credits.

Credits are the way Mimdich users have access to premium services in the Community. Credits are used to purchase virtual goods in the Mimdich Store and gifts for other people. These are virtual products: gifts, decorations and premium services. The credits earned can be used only by the user who has requested, so we can not transfer their credits in case you make a new account. In Mimdich there are two ways of get credits: 1. Ordered directly at the Bank of Mimdich using your PayPal account or your credit card. The amounts of credits you can buy are: 500, 2,000, 5,000 and 10,000. 2. Ordered directly at the Bank of Mimdich using one of the alternative payment methods. In this case the credit amounts and prices depend on each payment method you choose and will be indicated by selecting each option. If you resign your account or is removed for violating the Terms of Use your credits are automatically disabled. When making payment, you understand that the amount is not refundable. The fee will appear on PayPal to name Mimdich. Credits are not refundable for any sum of money unless Mimdich stated otherwise in writing. We reserve the right to expire the credits that have not been used for 6 months.

3. Bank of Mimdich

It is the section of the site where users can buy credits for purchases in the Mimdich Store. It is also the section in which you can redeem points for credits. The credits earned in the Bank are only valid for use within the platform

4. Points

The points are the product of your activity within Mimdich. When you upload your main photo, complete your profile, views, request friendship, accept you as a friend, leave graffiti or you value apartments, you get points.
The points are used to:
1º Increase your fame in Mimdich and appear in the ranking of the section "Mimdich's Walk of Fame".
2º Change your points by credits.

5. Privacy

This Privacy Policy has been elaborated by Ceclatech limited for For Mimdich your privacy is a very important matter. Thus, we guarantee that your privacy is at all times protected while you use our services. By using this site, you agree with our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree please refrain from using this site.

About Mimdich and the stored information

Mimdich operates like a social network which offers its users a variety of tools to interact in our community. The entrance and use of this network is free to all of its users. In our online register you are asked to provide us with information such as your name, e-mail address, gender, birth date and any other details. This data will be available to be modified, corrected or edited any time you need to do so (apart from the gender), in the configuration and complete my profile sections, within "My Account". You will be able to add any additional information in your webpage, such as name, surname, etc on the "edit profile" section that you will find in your Account. On using this site, we shall trace certain information such as your IP and e-mail address. Many sites compile this information with analytical purposes. It will be your own responsibility whether or not to divulgate any personal such as e-mail addresses, telephone numbers or any other type of information through the different type of tools available on Mimdich. A cookie is a part of the information stored in a user’s computer which constitutes a part of his/her personal information. Some of our marketing partners may wish to use these cookies (for instance, advertisers). However, we do not have access or control over these cookies, once permission has been given to appear in our site on a first instance.

Use of the information

Internally, we shall use the personal information of our users in order to improve our services, to analyse statistics of users’ use of the site, to process payments and bank transfers, to enforce laws, to improve the content and the products offered, and to customise the content and design of our site. Thanks to this information we shall be able to improve our web so services can be adapted to customers needs. We shall also use personal information to solve conflicts, problems and to update our Terms of use. In other cases, we use your personal information to provide you with information that you might find useful, such as promotions, banners and others.

Under 18s

The use of this site is exclusive to over eighteens only. If you are not 18 you cannot be a member of Mimdich.

Important information

It is of paramount importance for mimdich to note that we actively cooperate with any ordinance or law in order to guarantee copyrights. We do not sell or supply any kind of personal information about our users without previous consent. We do not reveal information to our advertisers. However, if this was the case we shall not reveal any type of information that can be used to trace our users. This is, information such as users’ passwords, it will never be revealed. We reserve the right to reveal personal information in case this is required by legal procedures or when we consider necessary to protect our rights in order to fulfil a legal requirement, a court action, or a legal process offered in our site.

Warning about shared information

Any file sent to Mimdich sites is likely to be seen by the general public and be downloaded by the rest of registered members of our community. Therefore, files sent to Mimdich must adhere to the terms of use and respect the legal conditions in force in each case. On the other hand, files downloaded from Mimdich, uploaded by other users in order to share them, cannot be used for commercial purposes or to attempt against third parties. It is totally forbidden to sell parts or the totality of those contents.

Use of the information of other users

We reserve the right to delete those accounts in which a misleading use of other users’ information is carried out. Remember that other member’s information cannot be used with commercial purposes or to send spam, etc. In this way no threat, insult or abuse against other users will be tolerated.

Received messages

If a user has certain amount of unread messages in his/her page, within a reasonable time we may make use of the provided e-mail in order to notify him/her that there are messages waiting for reading. If these messages are not read and subsequently deleted, we shall empty them as part of our cleaning and site maintaining procedures.

Password responsibilities

Users are not to reveal personal passwords to any other member or third party. If control over password is lost users are likely as well to lose control over personal information and can be susceptible of legal actions to be taken. Therefore, if a user’s password is at risk this must be changed immediately. This can be done in the "Configuration" (Profile edit) into "My Account". Users are advised to change periodically their passwords in order to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to the information in their accounts.

Updating and changing personal information

Please, update as soon as possible personal information; modify personal information in case any of the data has changed. These changes can be made on the profile settings section in “my account”.


Mimdich has security measures to protect and avoid any lost, unauthorised use, or alteration of information under our control. Different tools and firewalls are used to protect confidentiality of our users. However, it is of paramount importance to have users’ collaboration in this matter. As you will be aware, in internet perfection cannot be guaranteed with regards to security, therefore we work every day to optimize the security of our site.

Modify or delete users’ profile

In Mimdich users have different options to modify or delete information from our data bases:
I. Send a message to the Custumer support with the word "Deactive account" in the subject as well as the email accompanied of your real name
II.   Login to your account with your password and modify your details in the "Edit Profile" option. Once in "Edit Profile" choose "Deactivate Account" and complete the form including full name and surname as well as the email used to create the account.
The personal data you have added to Mimdich such as your email address, except public data will be deleted.
When you terminate your account you renounce generated accumulated points to their activity, the credits associated with your account and user name can be active or assigned to another user who requests it.

Changes in the privacy policy

We reserve the right to modify the status of privacy at any time, so please make sure you revise it regularly. In the eventual circumstance of this being modify, users will be notified. Changes on the privacy policy will be published in the main site, and in those places we consider appropriate in order for users to be aware of how information is collected and how under exceptional circumstances this can be revealed.